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I assist solo entrepreneurs in building residual income with creative digital content and hip internet marketing strategies.


Julie Avena

Hip Creative Entrepreneurs with Julie Avena www.biz4hipsters.com

Business Mentoring Program : Check in weekly with a kick-ass business coach who will help you cut through your inner bullshit, focus on the task at hand that will bring you the biggest profit, keep you working on what brings you the most joy and hold you accountable to get that shiz-nit DONE. It’s like having a muse, life coach and rockin’ biz-nizz partner all in one. Learn more here!

Social Media Management : I assist in running your brand’s presence on social media, which is where all your customers are hanging out anyways. We create a blueprint for your brand’s unique message with virally enticing content so your fans will enthusiastically market your sexy ass. Free advertising, baby. Plus we can integrate eCommerce, newsletter subscriptions, fun contests and lead capture pages to convert followers into loyal PAYING customers!

Mailing List Magic : Bottom line is you gotta have an email list to gather direct leads! We set you all up with a snazzy newsletter, opt-in forms, auto-responders and upload that “subscribe now” shiz-nit on all your websites so you can catch potential customers! If you suck at writing, I can ghost write for you and automate that shiz-nit. Plus coach you on how to write a killer newsletter to market your dope products.

Website Design : WordPress.org is the bomb. The templates are dope. The back-end is easy to learn (yes, even you can manage it with very low geek index). The plug-ins are limitless. Using these tools we will create a supah dope responsive wordpress website for your biz-niz. Then I train you on how to keep it going on your own. Solid gold, baby.

Blog It For You : Your blog is your number one marketing tool. If content writing ain’t your thing, then let me do it for you. I keep up your blog posts, SEO that shiz-nit to the max, and nudge you towards the top of search engine visibility. If you have blog content that is socially sharable, and products to buy on your website, then your audience will market it for you. Su’ win, baby.

The Insta eBook : Straight up, you need something valuable to give away for “free” to capture those spicy leads and up your conversion rate. Allow me to write a mini eBook about YOU based on your services, products or creative ventures. Then you put that up online as a gift to your followers (in exchange for their email address) and cha-ching!

Info Product Development : Everything leads up to this: You gotta package your message, whatever it is your are here to share, into a digital downloadable format. eBooks, video trainings, audio books, online courses, virtual group coaching, one-on-one skype mentoring packages, podcasts, you name it. This is where we vision, create, produce and publish a killer digital product for your fans to BUY BUY BUY! Then enjoy the sweet reward of making phat cash while you are dancing away at the club with your buddies.

The Complete Hipster-preneur Launch : This is the big kahona. The package deal. I take you under my wing and help build your online biz from start to finish. Branding. Social Media. Webdesign. Mailing List. eBook. Blog. All that jazz. Set you on your way with your first info product to sell. BAM. Together we create the perfect business formula that is uniquely YOU while we collaborate together over a good chuck of time. It’s a partnership, baby. We are in this together.

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