How To Link Your Facebook Page To Twitter by www.biz4hipsters.comHate Tweeting?

WTF are you suppose to do with those measly 140 characters?

If you are overwhelmed by having to post on all your social media sites to keep your online marketing afloat and are seeking content to put on Twitter, here is a simple solution:

Link your Facebook pages to automatically post to your Twitter account!

This shiz-nit is easy to set up in six simple steps and will save you a butt load of headaches in the long run.

1) First, make sure you are logged into both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

2) This URL is your new best friend:

3) Click the button that says “Link My Profile To Twitter“.

4) Next, click the button that says “Authorize App” – I know the permissions look kinda scary, but you gotta authorize it to allow the two accounts to mingle your dingle.

5) Golden, you’re in! Now you should see your Facebook Profile icon, along with the list of all the Facebook pages you manage. Click the box “Link To Twitter” on any pages you want to automatically post to your Twitter account.

Note: If you also want any “Public” posts you make on your personal profile to Tweet out, set that shiz-nit up too. But only do this if your “public” posts are relevant to your business. ALL you public posts WILL be tweeted, so think this one over first. 

6) Edit the settings for each account. Status updates, photos, events, notes, links… you probably want all of those to Tweet, yeah? If not, just uncheck them and click “Save Changes“.

BAM, that’s it babycakes. Now every time you post on your Facebook page, that shiz-nit will automatically be Tweeted out!

Keep in mind that these Tweets may not look so pretty over on Twitter if they are more than 140 characters long. Twitter will cut off the post and use a unique link back to your Facebook page. But whateve’s, at least your Twitter page is now filled with content and will bring traffic back to your other Social Media platform.

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