Cats and Abs Video www.biz4hipsters.comIn the world of advertising, it’s a given that “sex sells”.

But when Cosmo Magazine went to target their sexually deprived and horny female audience, they went straight for the gold.

What do women want? Cat and abs, baby!

There is no way you can get this catchy jingle out of your head:

Cats and Abs, cats and abs
Crunches with my kitty/ Crunches with my cat
Fancy feast / Chest, abs, obliques
They’re so perfect / Say meow to me

Sure, Cosmo could have put a few million into city billboards and television ads to push their brand and generate more magazine sales… or they could pop a few grand, make a parody music video and have their audience promote it for them on social media for free.

I mean, I even fell for it! I’m sharing this silly click flick after my teenager found it on SnapChat. Viral video marketing WORKS, homies.

Who could resist hot studs and pussy?

Dig this pussy man palace video?
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