Dream Business Consulting, Internet Marketing & Digital Content Creation : 4 : Brilliantly Hip & Creative Online Entrepreneurs

Cats and Abs: Hot Studs and Pussy Make Purrfect Marketing Pitch

In the world of advertising, it’s a given that “sex sells”.
But when Cosmo Magazine went to target their sexually deprived and horny female audience, they went straight for the gold.
What […]

How To Link Your Facebook Pages To Post To Twitter

Hate Tweeting?
WTF are you suppose to do with those measly 140 characters?
If you are overwhelmed by having to post on all your social media sites to keep your online marketing […]

Promotional Parnterships: Why You Should Be Promoting The F@%k Out Of Your Competition

Without fail, there will be a gazillion other biz-niz entrepreneurs doing the same shiz-nit you are doing.
They sell a product just like yours. They teach the same skills. They preach […]

How Facebook Is Dissing Small Businesses and F*cking Us Up the Arse

You read that right, Facebook is f*cking you up the arse.
First off, we all must accept that Facebook is a BUSINESS, and a brilliant one at that…

Before you start bitching […]

How One No-Name Airline NAILED Viral Video Marketing Overnight

This is proof that creative, tear-jerking viral social media is the new advertising platform of the future for business.
Anyone heard of “Westjet” before? Either had I, until this youtube video […]

Addicted to Facebook? Awesome, You Might Rock At Social Media Marketing!

Are you addicted to Facebook? Pinterest? Youtube? Twitter?
You might ROCK at social media marketing!
I’m gonna show you how to leverage your addiction to social networking and utilize your passion for […]