Dream Business Consulting, Internet Marketing & Digital Content Creation : 4 : Brilliantly Hip & Creative Online Entrepreneurs

Business Goal Setting For Wishy Washy Creative Types

Hip Creative Entrepreneurs are full of dope ideas.
When you run your own business (the brand being YOU), it is easy to get lost in the creative process without really getting […]

Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs LOVE Monday Morning

Hip Creative Entrepreneurs LOVE Monday Morning.
Here are five reasons WHY:
1) They secretly worked all weekend, because they are passionate about what they do. By Monday they are already ahead of […]

Promotional Parnterships: Why You Should Be Promoting The F@%k Out Of Your Competition

Without fail, there will be a gazillion other biz-niz entrepreneurs doing the same shiz-nit you are doing.
They sell a product just like yours. They teach the same skills. They preach […]

This Is Why I Will Never Have A “Normal” Jobby Job

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Hip Creative Entrepreneurs

Are You Offering True Value To The World With Your Business As An Artist?

A good business is one that adds true value to the world.
Shoes that aid your posture. A sponge made of recycled material. Extendo visors that block out that pesky sun […]

Why Being UNIQUE is Your Best BRANDING Strategy!

Your best approach to creating your biz-niz BRANDING is to stick to your extremely UNIQUE and quirky personality.
Thankfully, since you are a HIP-ster, you are already ten steps ahead of […]