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Hip Creative Entrepreneurs are full of dope ideas.

When you run your own business (the brand being YOU), it is easy to get lost in the creative process without really getting any tangible shit done.

FOCUS in on the top three tasks you want to complete this month that are going to bring you MONEY.

Write it down. (This Workbook Will HELP!)

And then flippin DO IT before you go back to your amazingly talented art of coming up with new creative shit to do…

Maybe you gotta post your newly created jewelry line on your Etsy store (so peeps can BUY that shit). Or you need to follow through on finishing that workshop promo for the dance class you are teaching next month. Is there a client project that you still have to complete so you can bill them and get PAID? WTF are you waiting for!!!

Sure, you’re fab at brewing up awesome big dreams for your biz-niz, but in order to succeed you need to KICK ASS and get that shit DONE. Like now. Today. Kapesh?

What are your TOP 3 BIZ-NIZ GOALS this month?

(((Write them in the comments below)))

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