Dream Business Consulting, Internet Marketing & Digital Content Creation : 4 : Brilliantly Hip & Creative Online Entrepreneurs

Experts Academy: Learn How To Make Money Online By Sharing Your Story

If you wanted to share your life’s story and knowledge with the world (and get paid for it), how would you begin?
This incredible FREE video series by Experts Academy has […]

Dream Business Consulting Program for Hip Creative Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a unique message to share with the world and a passion to help others thrive?
Are you seeking ways to monetize your wisdom, creative talents and expert advice?
Does your […]

WORKSHEET: What Are You Building In 2014? A Fill In The Blank Exercise

What are YOU building in 2014?
Madamn wordsmith Alexandra Franzen posted this great worksheet on her fantabulous blog (that you should follow, BTW) to help you set your business vision straight […]

How One No-Name Airline NAILED Viral Video Marketing Overnight

This is proof that creative, tear-jerking viral social media is the new advertising platform of the future for business.
Anyone heard of “Westjet” before? Either had I, until this youtube video […]

Are You Offering True Value To The World With Your Business As An Artist?

A good business is one that adds true value to the world.
Shoes that aid your posture. A sponge made of recycled material. Extendo visors that block out that pesky sun […]

Sign Up for “Rock Your Biz” BOOTYCAMP!

I am totally in love with my business mentor, Kristen Morelli.
This chick made millions back in the day and now she is paying it forward to hip wanna-be entrepreneur women […]

Why Being UNIQUE is Your Best BRANDING Strategy!

Your best approach to creating your biz-niz BRANDING is to stick to your extremely UNIQUE and quirky personality.
Thankfully, since you are a HIP-ster, you are already ten steps ahead of […]

Addicted to Facebook? Awesome, You Might Rock At Social Media Marketing!

Are you addicted to Facebook? Pinterest? Youtube? Twitter?
You might ROCK at social media marketing!
I’m gonna show you how to leverage your addiction to social networking and utilize your passion for […]